Hubs Terms of References

Communications Hub
 Lead: Claude MUGABE
Co lead: Patrick TUYISHIME

Hub Overview

The communication hub plays a pivotal role in message routing and delivery, efficiently directing communications among various hubs and the coordination system to guarantee prompt and reliable delivery to their intended recipients.
Additionally, the hub seamlessly integrates with workflow and task management systems, optimizing communication within hubs and operations, thereby fostering efficient collaboration and ensuring timely task completion.
Furthermore, the hub promotes collaboration by offering features for document sharing and templates, enabling users to work collectively on shared documents and enhancing overall productivity and teamwork.
The mission of a communication hub in water management revolves around enhancing communication, collaboration, and information exchange within the chapter and among stakeholders, by promoting sustainable water management practices. 


As part of our responsibilities, we manage the organization's online presence through comprehensive website and social media management strategies. This involves curating and updating content to ensure it aligns with the organization's objectives and engages the target audience effectively. Beyond digital platforms, we actively engage stakeholders through various channels, fostering meaningful connections and ensuring their involvement in the organizational ecosystem. Additionally, our role encompasses documentation processes, capturing crucial information and developments within the organization.