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What You Need To Join RYWP
Criteria to join the RYWPs

 Being of the age between 16 and 35 years old
 Being interested and passionate about the water sector in Rwanda
 A written application for membership addressed to the chairman of RYWPs with an attached CV
 Be approved by the RYWPs executive committee
 Be active in the Water sector
 Entrance fee payment, via the RYWPs bank account, a sum of: 500 Rwf for students, 1000 Rwf for graduate and interns, 5000 Rwf for employees.

Bank information
 Bank name: COGEBANQUE
 Account name: Rwanda young water professional
 Account number: 022-01390138655-46

NB: To join the organization doesn't mean that you have joined a hub automatically. The hubs' membership is a different application. However, you need to be an organizational member to be able to join a hub.