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Sustainable Landscapes
Lead: Aldo MUHIZI
Co lead:

Hub Overview

The Sustainable Landscape Hub is centered around improving the landscape through sustainable water, land, forest and environment management practices. The hub recognizes the interconnectivity of water, land, forests and the environment, and it aims to integrate these elements into effective land use planning. The vision is to ensure long-term sustainable development by promoting responsible water use, conservation, and protection of water ecosystems, while also addressing land management and environmental considerations.

Objectives and Goals

The hub aims to promote the conservation and restoration of landscapes by implementing sustainable land management practices, protecting biodiversity, and preserving natural habitats. To support in landscape restoration and monitoring for sustainable implementation and scale up of pilot projects in selected landscapes to demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability.  
To develop bankable projects for implementation of the proposed activities to support sustainable landscapes and land use management. The hub will strive to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable landscape and sharing Knowledge to empower individuals, professionals as well Young water and environmental Engineers through seminars and online sessions.

The hub fosters research collaborations and innovation in sustainable landscape practices, supporting the development of new technologies, methodologies, and best practices that promote ecological integrity and resource efficiency. To provide the technical expertise to support all key stakeholders in Environment and Natural Resources management.  

Responsibilities and Roles

The hub will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating efforts between various stakeholders involved in landscape management. It will serve as a central hub for information, collaboration, and partnership building. The hub will foster on developing Initiatives on sustainable landscape management practices emerging spatial and remote sensing monitoring of various parameters that contribute in improving the quality and management of water resources. The hub will develop and deliver capacity-building programs and training initiatives to build the technical expertise and skills of students and other professionals involved in sustainable land management.