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Smart Water Management Hub

Hub Overview

The Smart Water Management Hub is aimed at enhancing water management practices through advanced technologies and strategies. The hub focuses on three key areas: efficient water use, data-driven decision-making, and resilience and disaster management. 

Hub Objectives

Its objectives include optimizing water consumption, reducing waste, utilizing data analytics for informed decision-making, and developing systems to address water-related emergencies.
The hub aligns with the organization's mission and goals by striving to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of water management practices through the use of data, automation, and intelligent decision-making algorithms.

Responsibilities and Roles

The Smart Water Management Hub has primary responsibilities that include smart water project preparation and implementation. Within the hub, all members are expected to contribute to its activities and communicate any absences.
The roles within the hub are equally valued, and each person's ideas are considered valuable. The expectations for all members include sharing knowledge, building strong networks, and actively participating in all activities organized by the RYWP. The hub's activities are coordinated by the hub lead and co-lead, who are responsible for overseeing the hub's participation and ensuring accountability.