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KnoWat Project

Knowing water better: Towards fairer and more sustainable access to natural resources for greater food security (KnoWat).

In the context of strengthening focus on water governance for agriculture and food security to address water scarcity in a changing climate, FAO implemented the project “KnoWat - Knowing Water better” funded by the Government of Germany and implemented by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in partnership with Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) and with close collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB). The project objectives were to (i). Strengthen water governance and management processes to address water scarcity and increased competition for water resources; (ii). Strengthen capacities of national water experts and farmers in Rwanda, Senegal and Sri Lanka on water resources assessment; and (iii). Inform the conceptual discussion on water tenure with country perspectives and experiences. The project had six expected outputs, out of which the third was “Comprehensive water users and use assessment to inform water accounting and tenure in 20 level two catchments is completed and validated”. To implement this output, extensive fieldwork to all water users in the country and assessment of their current water consumption and future need, was needed and this activity was conducted by the RYWP.