Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO



Nature-Based Flood Adaptation Project

Nature-based flood adaptation measures in informal settlements, Mpazi Sub-Catchment, City of Kigali (CoK), Rwanda.

The project funded by the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO, through its International Hydrological Program, was implemented by RYWP. The main goal of the project was to assess the potential of adopting Nature based flood adaption measures in an informal settlement to achieve sustainable and resilient development. The main component of the project were as follow:

  1. Flood hazard mapping: was done to assess the flood risk and associated potential socio-economic impacts. Complex hydrological and hydraulic modelling were applied for this component;
  2. Nature-based flood adaptation measures conceptualization: from the flood hazard assessment, the extent of potential damages were analysed. In this component, potential nature based solutions were conceptualized and tested to analyse their potential contribution in terms of flood control in Mpazi catchment, which in turn impact positively the sustainability and climate related resilience of development in the area;
  3. Dissemination of the project findings, education and public awareness raising: Communities living in the area and key stakeholders were engaged through a series of workshops and consultations to reflect on the identified flood related risks and potential contribution of nature based solutions in controlling those risks sustainably.