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RWB Capacity Support Project

Embedding Integrated Water Resource Management in Rwanda (EWMR) Project: Strengthening of the capacity of the Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) through provision of Six (interns) Young Professionals.

Under funding from Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), The Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) with technical assistance from the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) is implementing the “Embedding Integrated Water Resource Management in Rwanda” (EWMR) Project. The EWMR project aims to increase livelihood and conservation benefits in Sebeya (& other) catchments from landscape restoration and improved natural resource management.

To achieve this, the project is piloting the implementation of participatory community-based approaches in the 5 sub-catchments of the Sebeya catchment with the following four key intended outcomes: (i). Restoration of degraded lands in Sebeya & other catchments; (ii). Development of innovative financing mechanisms & value chains for improved livelihoods through ecological & economic benefits; (iii). Scaling up catchment and micro catchment plans in Sebeya and other Catchments; and (iv). Implementing knowledge management systems for landscape restoration and integrated water resources management.

Therefore, as part of its technical assistance to the RWB, IUCN partnered with the RYWP, to recruit 6 Interns from within the Rwanda YWP network in accordance with standards set and agreed by both IUCN and RYWP with the immediate objective of supporting the RWB to implement the IWRM Investment Fund (IIF).