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Strategic NBS Framework

NBS Framework for the City of Kigali.

The Strategic NBS Framework: Rapid Citywide Assessment and Collaborative Identification of Suitable Nature Based Solutions to Advance Water, Heat and Ecological Resilience is performed in partnership with the city of Kigali, Rwanda.  The project’s primary goal is to enable the scaling of NBS to address water, heat, and ecological resilience risks in urban areas by supporting cities in identifying risks, the potential for NBS to address those risks, and strategies for implementation and financing of NBS interventions as part of the urban planning process. 

For this project, the RYWP is working in partnership with WRI Global and WRI Africa to advance the Strategic NBS Framework approach and assessment for the city of Kigali, concurrent with the project team’s work in Addis Ababa. The RYWP is responsible for:

  • Supporting the review and validation of risk mapping, 
  • Collaboration in developing an NBS Opportunities Matrix for each city, 
  • Leading the development and facilitation for the NBS Selection and Validation Workshops, and 
  • Supporting engagement with local stakeholders in finalizing Citywide NBS Recommendation Reports and the refinement of the Strategic NBS Framework documents.